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If you are considering becoming a freelancer, or if you have been made redundant and are finding yourself pushed in this direction, there are a number of reasons why it could be a very good move. Now, we’re not denying there are not a few downsides to freelancing (we promise there are only a few), but lets start with the nicer aspects of being your own boss. Whatever your industry sector, there are numerous advantages to be gained, so we thought it might help to give you the full list of pro’s all in one place:

Financial benefits

  • The first thing that most people think of is the financial benefits, and these are of course very compelling. For example: An average freelancer rate can easily be double or triple that of a full time employee, or even more.
  • Freelancers are paid higher rates due to the flexible nature of the relationship and the fact that many projects can be relatively short-term, although this isn’t always the case, some contracts/assignments can last for years.
  • Depending on your individual skills and on the state of the industry in which you work (or the market in general) you can command very high rates of pay.
  • As a freelancer, you are paid for every hour that you work, as well as having the opportunity to work overtime at very good rates. You can also work for multiple clients at the same time, on many different projects, which can also increase your pay.
  • If you take professional advice you can, as a freelancer, generally reduce your tax bill significantly. You can offset all of your business expenses against your income to further reduce your tax bill.
  • You can be paid one of two ways, via an umbrella company or your own limited business (we can help you set up the way you wish to be paid).
  • You can offset all of your business expenses against your income to further reduce your tax bill. Visit the gov website for more information.


  • As a freelancer you are, in effect, your own boss – something which can be very satisfying and extremely enjoyable!
  • Freelancers have the ability to be far more independent than permanent employees. You may want us to place you on a six month contract or you may prefer to be placed in different garages each day or week. Our clients include dealerships, independents, roadside assistance companies and government organisations. The choice is huge! You have the freedom to work when you choose, where you choose (depending on available projects of course) and for however long you like.
  • There is a direct link between work effort and reward which sometimes doesn’t exist as an employee.
  • Freelancers can take as much or as little holiday as they prefer – you sign your own holiday form.
  • The companies you work for are not your employers, but are instead your clients, which puts a whole different flavour on the relationship, you will be treated more as an equal and less as a member of staff.
  • As a contractor, you’re in charge of where, when and what type of assignments you take on. That means you never have to miss your child’s sports day again or work Saturdays if you don’t want to.

Skills development

  • As a freelancer you will naturally work in different roles and for many different companies, and this will help you to build a unique range of skills and experience.
  • Working in many different companies gives you the ability to build up a wide-ranging CV and to establish an extensive list of reference contacts.
  • A good freelancer will become known within their own field for their excellent work and you may even find that your services become sought-after, rather that you having to pitch for new projects or contracts all the time.
  • Freelancer’s often come into new businesses as the ‘industry expert’, which is not only a nice position to be in, it also adds to your credibility as an industry professional and widens your experience further
  • Working for different organisations gives you the ability to advance your career and your knowledge without being limited by a single employer’s processes, procedures or business ethos.

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If you have any further questions, you may find the answers below or call us on 01302 515118 for an informal chat.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do Excel Resourcing Contractors get paid?

At the end of every week (if less than a week then at the end of your placement) submit your timesheet showing all the hours you have worked. This has to be approved and signed by your Excel manager. Your timesheet has to be with Excel Resourcing before 9 am on Monday morning.

As long as the timesheet is received on time, and all is approved, then you will be paid on the Friday of the same week.

When starting with Excel Resourcing, you will be asked how you wish your wages to be paid.

There are two options:
• Via an umbrella payment company
• Via your limited business.
Excel Resourcing welcomes the registration of contractors that are working as a limited business. We must have copies of all of your limited companies documentation, you’ll be be asked to register your details with an umbrella company, who manage our payroll, and submit your invoices directly to them.
This means you will be paid the full amount of your wages paid directly into your business bank account.
As a limited business, you can expect to take home 75-80% of your pay on a contract, compared to 60-65% via an umbrella payment company. If you are solely a vehicle technician with no MOT tester license, we encourage you to work with us via a limited business.

I have penalty points on my MOT testing history?
If this is the case then we are unable to accept you as a candidate.
If I choose to can I just freelance at weekends/during my holidays?
Excel Resourcing happily take on contractors to do weekend work only even if you are in full-time employment.
Only want to work when you are on annual leave this is fine  (but only if it is allowed by their main employer’s policy).


Is freelancing flexible with Excel Resourcing?
Contract work is as flexible  as you can make it, you will be asked for your availability on a regular basis by your Excel Resourcing manager.  If there are times when you can’t work, then let your Excel Resourcing manager know of this at the earliest opportunity.
If you are offered a job and cannot commit, you need to make your Excel Resourcing manager aware of this. Just because you are unavailable for a job will not affect your chances of future work.
Do I need my own tools?
If you are in a vehicle technician or bodyshop role will be asked to use your own tools.
Can anyone help me with my expenses?
Your expenses should be managed by your umbrella company/payroll administrator, so contact them directly if you have any to put through or if you have any questions regarding expenses.